Sunday, May 17, 2009

Step Back in Time- Let's go camping!

great stove,
cowboy theme,
see the skateboard on the back,
great fan,
love the bedspread,
cute stove, 
great color choices, 
love the color!!
such homey interior,
like the Lucy set-up,
fun picnic set
great thermos,
fun collectible camping things,
lots of  fun things to look at,
looks like a watercolor piece, this is the outside of an airstream.
Bambi is a type of the Airstream line
some old skate boards,
old red suitcase,
love this door knob on one of the trailers,
love what the back of this trailer has on it,

cool red shoes from the 40s,
great bike,
great ice chest, had one of these growing up, still have it,
great camp to step back in time,
love red,

1956 Shasta trailer,
Great tire, love the whitewalls!!
GREAt rims,

small camper - no way could myself and my 6foot 4 husband could fit in here?
here is the set-up. kitchen in the back, with the tarp that gives an extra room,
Toy from the 50s,
love their awning, I am looking  for one of these campers.  If you see one out in a field or know someone that has one they don't want , please tell them about me. Love finding treasures!!

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