Friday, May 22, 2009

Before Pics of my New 1965 trailor

Here she is- so fun!!!
the back ledge has a little water damage,
I tore it all out and will replace the old wood with new,
my pump water faucet, 
inside of my old icebox!!
love the blue, you add a big block of ice to it!
back of my stove, with a light that you add a wick to,
another old light,
some old info on the camper in the closet, 
the closet- where I want to put a port a potty:)
welcome come in, this is my little dinette which makes into a bed,
I am going to recover the pads and make vintage curtains,
here is the other side which I am going to pull out the board, see the green? and add a nice mattress and keep it a bed all the time with a vintage bedspread. Then make curtains, see my cute color of the stove? also notice the GREEN grass in the windows-my new lawn!!
here is my kitchen bank, nice stove, sink and ice box,
looking in the door, I ripped up the linoleum, going to lay some hardwood that my brother donated to the project- he had it leftover from his home,
Here is the outside,  My Lo-Liner!
My little awning, thats the color I want to paint the outside,
the stripe I want to paint red,
all the glass is good- just has cobwebs and I found 5 wasp hives with 4-5 wasps in each one! yikes.
here it is from the back, hope you had fun looking at my fun project, like I need another one! but I know this is going to be great for our family- even use it as a fun guest room!!! 

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