Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Ride

going through the old town of Bradley,
Cool cross I found there, 
the hills had patches of purple on them, beautiful,mama dear ready to give birth,
trees had been burned last year and the new growth was beautiful on the sides,
pretty wildflower, 
wildflower in the shape of a heart,
tall redwood tree,
another cool one, 
lizard sunbathing, 
the boys checking out the view,
red tail hawk flying above us, 
beautiful Hwy 1, 

this is where we turned around,
driving along,
waves were beautiful below us, 
Dink taking a nap on my lap,
ship in the town of Gorda,
a pelican and some seagulls, 
California poppies(state flower) along the coast,
all lined up sunbathing,
the docent told us there are about 8000 here this year!smiling as he sunbathes,
driving in the town of San Simeon,
Hearst Castle on the hill,
San Simeon pier, looks like an old postcard- that is a kite in the sky not a bird, 
pretty green leaves, 
statue up at the heart castle info building,
black bird in tree, love the green,
my lovely son, Taylor took this side profile of me from the back of the jeep,
driving along with the Amtrack,
pretty pink flower, 
purple sky-church in Bradley,
love this picture of Dinky and Ben and a little of me in the side mirror,
our Gps to lead us:)
filling up with gas.
Hope you enjoyed the trip through my lens. Fun day I will never forget.

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