Friday, May 22, 2009

Daughter Kate's 21 birthday party

Kate and her friends going to see Joe Nichols in concert on her birthday,
pretty girls, 
Grampy & Silas, 
Ben & Kate
Corben's funny smile,
Beautiful smile,
Precious Isabele,
shooting some hoops, I got the shot right when the ball is on the ground, it really was bouncing- he was bouncing it between his legs.

love these teeth and smile,
more teeth!
baby corben with his bike helmet on,
guess what she got from us? see the shells? not from the ocean:)
her own shotgun!!! tierra and all:)
jake and corben, best friends and cousins,
silly smile, 
the whole gang,
pretty girl 21 years old!
getting her hair curled, 
getting ready for the big concert, had a great night, fun memories with loved ones.

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