Friday, March 26, 2010


This amazing family needs a salute! What an honor to take their pictures before their life changes for a year as he goes to serve our country next week. Looking through my lens as I was taking these pictures made my heart full of love seeing the closeness they all have for each other and knowing they will be separated in body but not in spirit! This is a true military family that all of us need to be reminded the sacrifice they go through for the freedom we enjoy so freely!
Thank you Dow family for your sacrifices you do as a family to keep our country safe,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easter Pics at Dinosaur Park

What a fun day this was. Here are a few from our wonderful photo shoot at Dinosaur Park in Shell Beach. These babies have all been friends since they were born, they meet each week for a playdate. The mommy's like each other too:) My grandson, Silas and daughter-in-law are in this great group.  Edited about 150 pics from our afternoon fun time. Such cute subjects, can't wait to get them to everyone.
It was an amazing day, beautiful right next to the beach,