Monday, November 30, 2009

Creek Walk Family Photo Shoot

We all had such a fun time yesterday as we took off for a loop down through my creek,
fun boys being good so they could get their slurpys when they were done;
love the sunset peaking over the hill;
love holding hands;
great relaxed family picture;
great log we found;
Nana with her Grandsons;
Grandpa and Nana;
Auntie & Uncle expecting twins;

Hope you enjoyed these few pictures of this fun family. Love my outdoor studio God has made for us to enjoy and capture these pictures that shows the love of these families for generations to come,

Friday, November 27, 2009

Earl + Holly=Wedding in January (engagement session)

Here are a few of this fun couples engagement session we had this afternoon. Love capturing this couple that will be married in January. I am so looking forward to shooting this wedding as I have known Holly her whole entire life. Her Mom and I have been friends since I can remember. All 3 of our kids are the same age and it has been so amazing watching them grow up and start lives of their own. Congratulations to this sweet couple. Love, Cindy

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fantastic Fletcher Family

Pretty girls;
Great smile;
Kylie such a beautiful smile;
Teddy great kid;
The whole group!!
Sweet personality;
The boys;
family on the log;
cutie pie;
big pretty eyes;
love that smile;
shy girl;
family in front of their home;

all the kids. Such a sweet, big family. Great walk we took down in the river, such a nice evening for a walk and some family pictures. 

Cordero Clan

Sweet boys with the rays of sun flowing over them;
family shot on the swing;
Such a sweet family!!
3 precious boys;
so sweet;
he has such a funny personality;
smiley boy;
having fun swinging;
Momma with little baby brother with his blankie and sucking his thumb, love capturing pictures of special things kids do, because the grow up so fast!
caught him as he was spinning around; love his big eyes,
just relaxing out on the grass;

These pictures are really special, especially blown up big on a wall. Makes such a statement of the love the parents have for their kids. So glad to have captured this great family and look forward to capturing more as they grow,

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Family Pics at Paso Robles Inn

This was a very special day for this family. Their daughter was baptized on this Sunday and their middle son Evan is leaving this Saturday for the Air Force.  And their oldest son and his family came up for both of these special events.  We took this quick photo shoot in about 15 minutes. Very special photos for this time of their lives.
Another family saying goodbye to their son as he goes and protects our country. Thank you!!!!