Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Justin & Ashlyn say "Hi";
In her Father's Hand
Love her lips:) so sweet;
Meet Ashlyn with her big brown eyes;

 in her hot pink boots;
so bright, added a little color;
big brown eyes;
Daddy's girl photo shoot tonight;
the look that can melt you;
So relaxed in her Daddy's arm. Here are just a few of our fun night, promised Daddy I would get some up tonight.  Many more fun ones, such a sweet personality. Love ya guys,

Monday, September 28, 2009

3 Generations

Such a great family,
With the Grandkids

3 generations of great people. Had alot of fun with this fun family. Then went and celebrated Brent's 40th birthday.  Happy Birthday,

God's Blessings-Triplets

Triplets- miracles! 
Such a special family.  God has blessed them with so many miracles and blessings.
Like this composition, I have another one I took that Glen and Kristen are looking at the kids, I just like this one too with everyone looking at the camera.
love= Glen & Kristen

It was so hot and everyone did so good.  These kids were under 2lbs when they were born, such an inspiration.  Pray for their brother who has been through so much and still is fighting infection and other things. So blessed to have spent time with them.

b&k + kids= love

Love family pictures, everyone changes and it is so special to have art on your walls that have your special loved ones on them.  I decorate so many homes each year and I am so excited to be able to offer my clients my service now of creating this art for their havens.  Its fun when I know what spot these pictures will go, before I shoot them.  Love going in peoples homes with art that is people that they love!!! 
Fun times;
twins- precious;
brent & kerry with sweet family;
love this one, what a find- love the property Kristen found for us:)

This one is fun, love the shadows.  We had such a fun shoot. It was really hot and after this Brent's sister and her family and their parents came and we took alot of very sentimental pictures that will be loved for years to come.  Cindy

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

God's Art

These 3 photos were taken over in Bishop, CA. I was waiting for my family as they were dear hunting. I had my camera and started taking pics of the desert flowers that were few. I love the softness of them in such a harsh and desolate place.

The sky as I was waiting, every minute it would change a different color, gorgeous.
One of my all time favorite landscape photos. I call it "Rays in the Water Trough", it will be one of my pieces focused in an art show I was asked to be in coming up.
Here is another shot of that beautiful sky that night. Love the coloring of this majestic mountain.
Big Buck on a Hill:)
Road of Life
One of my many heart rocks.  Getting quite a collection, amazing how you can find these treasures God makes for us, if you take time and look!
Loved driving through this aspen grow in Utah last year.  It was breathtaking as we went through the tunnel of trees.
Another one of my favorites. Love the coloring of the leaves of these trees. Also the road, love road pictures. Makes you think about life, where does the road lead? what is around the next corner?etc...
Have a whole collection of these photos also. An old ghost town up above Silverton, Colorado.

One of the many balancing rocks we saw in Moab, Utah.

 Hope you enjoyed a few of my pictures from my archives I was looking through yesterday.  Watch for more info on my Art Show I will be participating in. Such an honor to be asked, been going through my pictures figuring out which ones to showcase. Have so many wonderful ones.  God is the creator, I am just capturing some of His art in a photo.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Paso Downtown Park

This is what I saw when I pulled up to Back on The Racks-a great consignment store in Atascadero that my friends Rocky and Matt own.  I was going to have an afternoon with their twins- Nina and Jax ( that is how he told me to spell it today:) Jackson. This picture reminds me of a postcard, love the Carlton in the background a local old hotel that has been restored. 

Fun place, clothes, shoes, accessories for all ages, even a crib in the middle of the store for sale. Very stylish and affordable way to update your wardrobe. It is on Traffic Way in Atascadero.  
Before we took off to go on our adventure, this is what I saw in my rear view mirror. 2 precious heads so excited to drive in our jeep. Jackson loved it with the camouflage seat covers:)
in front of the park, pretty roses.
Nina's cute socks and shoes.
She is a climber!
Sweet girl at the park, she loved the camera:)
another sweet girl that was there with her Daddy, both were 2 years old.
Nina under the womens sign with attitude:)
Jackson under the men's sign with attitude;
precious eyes;
love her static hair;
love the coloring and smile;
sweet boy with his hat on;
through the bars so cute;
so sweet;
twins-we had so much fun!
love taking pictures of kids, have to be sly and not let them know that you are taking pics of them and those are my favorite. Their true personalities shine through.  Love these shots from today and loved hanging out with the twins,