Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Bump

Here are a few of my baby bumps:) I love taking pictures of this new life. I am having fun photo journaling this miraculous time.

Here is Jackie in her 1st trimester.
and Chris & Joanne in their last.
I have this frame we place this beautiful growing art in. This is her 1st trimester and will be fun to see 2 more time as she grows and then the new baby placed in it.
beautiful image,
love these sunset pictures,

looking up,
1st trimester shot of Deanna, 
1st trimester of Jackie,
another angle of the frame shot, 
mama's heart over baby,
happy times,

love the heart. This is such a great picture of love! Hope you have enjoyed these maternity shot. I look forward to shooting many more. Spread the word. Love the baby bump package- a photo shoot each trimester! Then a book at the end, photo journaling these special time! 

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