Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Richert Family

 Baby Kealani when she was 3 weeks old.
big bow,
has a cute hat that Grandma Jan made,
Precious Kealani is now 3 months old, 
Daddy was here with us on this time.
Funny little extras in the background,
taken a cat nap between shots,
love the bright colors,
sweet sleepy girl,
cuddle bugs, 
pretty momma,
Reflection, God has given them such a great gift!
nice smiles, 
little princess, 
Daddy, Mommy's hands with sweet toes:)
so in love, 
beautiful artwork in a frame with a little accident- she couldn't hold it:)
beautiful artwork before
she loves her Daddy,
so content, 
precious bundle of joy, 
sweet eyes, 
Had so much fun on Saturday with these 3. The clouds were beautiful and helped with the lighting. Love knowing such a wonderful family!

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