Friday, May 29, 2009

Kenny, Carla, & Eddy

Precious Family - excited to go do God's work in Africa,
so interested in everything;
such a big boy;
checking out the bird nests on my front porch,
cute couple, 
love her, big eyes,
little Eddie just turned 2 - May 28,
looking at the most beautiful person in his life;love her gold necklace- the shape of Africa;
in the middle of Daddy & Mommy, so happy;
checking out a new place, 
the love of the newborn inside is so strong, precious Momma carrying her new one,Sweet,telling Daddy & Mommy all about his balloon,
Beautiful-inside & out
So handsome, 
Wide Eyes full of excitement,
Being Shy
Precious Eddie, such a sweet boy;
Little Boy feet- notice his right big toe, that's a boy for you!
Daddy's love
He loves his Daddy,
Eddie watching Daddy blow up a balloon, great lips:)
Hope you enjoyed meeting this amazing Christian family, so willing to be used by God. So proud of them. They are gathering up their support- on their way to Fresno today to meet with a church about supporting them. So glad they were able to squeeze us into their packed visit from Colorado.
We love you guys,
Cindy & Family

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