Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some of my Special Family Shots

Great sunset and family;
fun composition;
love this angle;
great setting;
I love to do this shot, with Dad's hands and family holding on;)
love the candid ones;
fun backgrounds; at yellowhouse on-site location
love this one, all the family including Yuba the dog:0
at the beach, 
in a tree;
pretty time of the day;
fun creative shots;
having fun as a family;
so relaxed;
in front of their home- welcome!

candid unique shot; here are a few families that I had the joy of working with. I love doing family shots and capturing the love. Hope to do yours soon!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Few Special Senior Portraits & Portraits

Some of my portraits and Senior pictures I have had the privilege to take;
each one is a fun memory,
capturing the personality of each person,
capturing friendships,
fun creative shots;
beautiful locations, to fit each taste;
and hobbies,
solitude and seriousness;
reflection of the years past and years to come;
down the road of life;
sweet personalities and creativity;
beauty God has given each one,
capturing love between friends;
love this shot, it turns out different on each person I do;
Pretty coloring- from black and white, sepia, antique, to my own tweeking,
artsy ones! I love,
dangerous shots!!! have to have a back up person watching:)

Here are a few pics I pulled out of my files this morning. Hope you enjoyed looking at these beautiful people. If you know any Senior looking for Senior pictures please have them call me for a fun shoot. I can get there pictures back to them in a few days!! Also family portraits, friends,self, I am offering the deal of the century right now. Perfect time of the year for shooting pictures, the backgrounds are gorgeous!! Look forward to making a fun memory with you and your friends and family,
Cindy  805-610-1214

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Walking Down the Street Today in San Luis Obispo

Buona Tavola, a quaint restaurant 
the historical Fremont Theatre,
love the entry and ticket booth

flag blowing in the warm summer wind,
God bless Our Country, (This picture is for Scotty, one of my adopted sons, who just left for Iraq today) Everytime I see a flag I pray for our boys in the military,

Eating at Daddy's Game

Yummy, He loves to eat
He is Daddy's allstar
So serious, really in to Daddy's softball game,
so tasty!
yummy food that Mommy makes from scratch,
the bowl is empty, such a happy boy- can't you tell Grammy loves to take pictures of him;
watching Derek, my son, play some ball;
hitting the ball far, far out;

through the fence.
Great night,

One of My Redesigns

Challenges? Beautiful antique swing  hanging in room, large sectional couch, recliner, outlet in the middle of the wall, large bank of windows 
Design- broke up sectional, put recliner in the corner, hung their art to cover outlets, added things they already had.  They love it and are able to enjoy all their beautiful things that they had in storage boxes.  

Redesign is a very affordable way to use the things you already have just rearranged to form a new seating arraingement and design.