Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fireplace Makeover

Before- after we took off the molding, you can see the old design if you look close.
After-slate tiles with mosaic border of slate and pieces of glass, beautiful. Painted the mantle dark chocolate brown. Looks so rich and love the colors of the natural slate.
My son Taylor and I did the tiling. Love tiling, like doing a big puzzle.
Little pieces of glass, the grout is grey in the picture it looks white?

This is when I laid it out on the floor to get the design and spread the colors out.  This was a fun project and love how it turned out.  So happy for the family that gets to enjoy it everyday!!!

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  1. We are so pleased with how the house looks............I thank the Heavenly Father above for you and your entire family. The process was fun, challenging and a joy to watch! But watch out hubby has more wants :-)