Monday, September 7, 2009

Adorable Austen

10 days old now, stopped by for a visit,
love little feet,
sleeping in his carseat,

This picture to me describes these words-
PEACE- so innocent, in the arms of his Father, no worries
TRUST-holding on to his Daddy's finger, all his weight in his hands, sleeping so tenderly
Such a snuggly boy;)weighed almost 10 pounds:)Still so little, has room to grow in the arms of his Father.
sweet sleepy baby;
Little pitter of feet- sister's feet who are 3 and 5. This was a hard photo to get, hard to get them to lay still for a second, busy-busy. You can see his little mark on his heal from the bandaid from getting his blood drawn. Poor baby.  Going to reshoot this one:)
Little boy in his Daddy's cowboy hat,
Precious Austen- This rope represents the families love of the cowboy way, love taking pictures that tells a story. Love, love this pic.
Snuggled up in a soft blanket. Love when babies have their little hands up by their faces. 
love his lips and coloring in this picture. Such a healthy boy!
baby in a basket. He loved it, was so comfy. Slept through the whole thing. Such a good boy. 
This last picture is so angelic. So cool that I was able to be there for his birth, can't wait to watch him grow. Look forward to alot more pictures and memories:)Had to do this shoot in a hurry, lots going on with new baby just home. More to come of this little fella:)
Cindy (aka Grandma)

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