Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ben & Kate's Rings

Today I decided to do a little project, Just for fun and felt like being creative. Here are a few I came up with- Simple, but shows detail of rings;
The green of the grass brings out Ben's ring;
hidden but stands out;
These oak leaves were used down the center of the aisle, she had saved them and they turned brown. Love the composition and colors of this one.

 This one shows where the ceremony took place;
did some fun shots of Ben & Kate's wedding rings;
This one is special because 6:00 is when they got married;
different textures with his wedding band was fun, very unique ring;
In some grapevine;
on the tip of an arrow-Ben is a bowhunter, notice my husband's deer in the background;

out on the front porch of our home where the wedding was held. Fun to do shots that are special to the bride and groom.  Hobbies, special locations, objects, etc... always make the shot extra memorable. Look forward to doing alot more of these. Great gift idea for anniversary present. Loved doing this project,

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