Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sweet Babies

Here are a few of the cherubs I have had the privilege to take pictures of. I love every minute of it!! Enjoy!  Sweet baby in momma's arms
 a sweet bundle
Daddy, Mommy, Sister, & New Sissy's foot- love this picture!
sweet kisses!
This was one of my first babies that I was blessed to shoot. I love this family and God is so good to have them sit in front of me at church and they accepted my offer that day to take pictures. Pizza for lunch and great fellowship with new friends!!! 

Sweet Silas Joshua

Sweet fingers!!
love her little pinky!!
little shoes that were her grandfathers- they are brand new even with the tags, he didn't wear them- I wonder why? flowers:)
love how relaxed Kealani is in her momma's arms!
love the extended toes!
precious Kealani's fingers with the rose
bright eyes:)
lace waterfall baby

little booties passed on from one generation to another

little feet in Momma and Daddy's hands
Si in Grammy's green hideous chair:)
Watch for more of these fun, sweet, shots!

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