Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Walk around Madonna Inn

Two of God's creatures I ran into on my walk around this San Luis Obispo Icon. Alex Madonna was one of my Grandfather's friend. He was a rancher with him. His legacy lives on in this amazing place. Visiting this place just makes you happy. Everyone needs to visit it, seeing some of the desserts might entice you more to visit:) Have fun as I take you on a walk around the place.

Here is the cover of the menu,
such a beautiful rose,

one of my favorite flowers- the fuschia,
a birdie on the rooftop,

a pretty lily,
yum, is all I can say----

beautiful water glasses,
love the details in the woodwork,

place setting up at the breakfast bar,
yummy pink sugar,
love this picture of the mirror and the famous Madonna Inn carpet,

woodwork above the sink in one of the women's bathroom,
beautiful door handle,
ornate, pink dining room,
all their famous water glasses- my Mom collects these:)
the pool up the hill,
love the gazebo with the beautiful iron handrails,
gorgeous waterfall coming down the mountain, 
crystal clear water,
love the reflection of the umbrella,
bright Madonna Inn colors,
rain drain,
old birdhouse I found,
love the hot pink,
fun daisies, 
heart railing, so romantic,
stairs to one of the fun rooms,
love the stained glass windows,
amazing brick work on the 4 chimneys,
antique poppy, 
love these 2 pink roses, 
God's handiwork,
color of happiness, 
peach ladies,
walkway to the front of Madonna Inn
dancing daisies in the wind,
love how they trained their crabapples,
gorgeous poppy,
statue in the front of the coffee shop,
and the little crabapples. Hope you enjoyed this tour of this special place. I had fun looking through the lens of my camera. Cindy

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