Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank God for Little Boys

Sweet Silas- my Grandson

My little boy is in the above picture. Here are a few photos of some of the awesome boys that I have had the honor to take their pictures!

A Boy is...

Trust with dirt on its face,
Beauty with a cut on its finger,
Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair,
and the hope of the future with
A frog in its pocket.

Little Boys

Little boys come in all shapes and sizes,
Shy and adventurous, full of surprises,
With misshapen halos and mischievous grins,
Small dirty faces, and sweet, sticky chins.
They'll keep you so busy, and yet all the while
Nothing can brighten the world like their smile.
And no greater treasure has brought homes more joy
Than a curious, active, and lovable boy!

My Little Boy

I remember when you were my little boy,
An extension of my very being.
My every waking moment belonged to you.
One evening when I called you to supper,
You came to the table all grown up.
Where did all the in between go?
Too soon I was to let you go.
Now, I shall always call you "my son"
But in my heart...
you'll always be my little boy.

Look forward to capturing more boys with their fun personalities~

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  1. You are a very special human being and god has created you to be able to see and catch such beautiful insigh into each of theses darling boy's. I'm so proud of you your work is fabulous women. Sincerely Burch