Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Flowers

Before & After Pictures. The flowers in the basket as I was picking them made such a beautiful picture I had to grab my camera. I angled it so you could see my front porch in the back of the picture. The after picture of the 2 bouquets I made, I put on my mirror so I could have 4 bouquets!
 I love roses! I just planted my rose garden, thanks to Brent and Laura for giving me 6 bushes and I picked out 6 more and I already had 3 established bushes. Making my garden at 15!! So exciting! The cool part is I don't know what color they all are. So the new blooms are so exciting to see what color I will have. 
God is such an amazing artist. Everything is in bloom in everyone's yards, so beautiful all around!!

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