Sunday, November 15, 2009

For Cody with Love

I love different textures in pictures. This concrete wall is a great background;
Kim and her sweet sister Emily,
so dramatic, love it!
beautiful sunset and mommy to be!
Jackson- the name of their son to be, love how the waves are caught in this picture, 
sweet baby bump,
love the coloring and feeling of this picture,
always love the heart on the baby, great representation of how the mommy and daddy feel for this new life,
love this picture- i call these my dirty pictures. All the sun spots and rays give a very special effect,

Such a statement this picture shows. I had so much fun capturing these special pictures with Kim.  Her husband is a Military Police in the United States Army up in Washington. She was home visiting her parents. So special that he called in the middle of our shoot and it just made it that more awesome. The baby is coming in March and a month later Cody will be deployed for a year to serve our country. The respect and love I have for all the military families that sacrifice so much for all of our freedom has been so reminded to me these past few months as alot of my friends have had their husbands and sons leave for duty. I pray for all the ones left behind and especially the ones that are serving our country. I love you Kimmy and I can not wait to meet Cody and baby Jackson in a few more months,

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