Thursday, November 5, 2009

Award Winning Photograph

Thank you for all the support and encouragement to my first ever contest winning.  This has to have a explanation on how this picture came to be. I was attending church one Sunday and I looked up a few rows ahead of me and saw this man holding this brand new baby. I then saw his tatoos as he was holding his son.  I could hardly pay attention the whole sermon and kept going back and forth at asking them if I could take their picture. I had just started my professional photography and was looking for some models to build my portfolio.  I got up the nerve after church and went up and introduced myself. I then asked if they would be interested in taking pictures with me? The other amazing God thing was that Matt's Mom from back east had just flew in the night before and we were able to get some great shots with her grandchildren.They said yes, and I said "how about today?". They followed us home from church, I ordered pizza and we were able to take some amazing photos. And to top it all make new wonderful friends!! God is good, just love seeing His hand work in such amazing ways.  This photo was so cool as Matt had worn a black shirt to church that day, so I just hung my black backdrop and started shooting.  Little did I know 8 months later it would be an award winning photograph!!!  Love making new friends through the lens of my camera!!!!
You can get a copy of New Times on the Newstand starting today or you can go to and click on the cover story to see the winning picture!!

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