Monday, June 1, 2009

Tomboy Bri!

Bri is special to my heart- when she was 3 her momma fell off the kitchen counter taking her Christmas lights down. She shattered her ankle and shoulder. I babysat her and her brother and sister while her momma recovered. She loved our dog, Dinky, and she felt so at home here.  She is such a little Tomboy that has had lots of visits to the ER being herself! A few months ago was at the hospital with my son's broken arm and looked around the corner and there was Bri and her family waiting for the Dr to come stitch up her head from riding her bike down the hill and running into a fence. Here are a few more pictures of my sweet Bri:)
In my green hideous chair:)
upside down Bri;
precious girl;
such a little Tomboy:)
no teeth; 
Such a funny girl. Glad she got to finally come to one of her favorite places, she told me today:)

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