Saturday, June 13, 2009

PRHS Graduation Ceremony

Uncle Taylor- high school graduate!!
cousin Nick
cousin & friend Matt
Tay and his diploma,
friend Kevin,
my 3 kids and grandson,
our family, notice the bush behind my husbands head- that's not his hair:)
Tay and my 2 daughters,
Kate and Ben
Love this picture, 
thumbs up, he just sat down from getting his diploma!
shaking the principal's hand,
Nick, cousin &  friend of Taylor's
he sat on an end, such a blessing for us to be able to see him.

Class of 2009 Paso Robles High School
Walking in-Taylor in the right lower corner
waiting for it to start,
beautiful clouds
getting ready to leave the house for graduation. What an emotional day for me. The graduation of my youngest child! We are so proud of him and love him more than words can say,

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  1. what great pics............I got all misty eyed at the end when I was reading your description......