Saturday, January 2, 2010

Its official!!!

So exciting! It is official, feel so good having this done. This was quite the process, but so important to follow all the laws in having your own business. I am so full of excitement to see how my business is going to grow this year, what an amazing year I had in 2009. I will have my new camera this next week, my first official wedding by myself in a few weeks, and my indoor studio almost pulled together. Thanks to my sweet husband for getting me an amazing professional lighting system for it. He is so supportive and I love him so much. Thanks for all my amazing subjects I had this year and so excited for all the new things that I will be doing this year. I have so many fun things planned and can't wait to get them implemented. God is so good and I have loved seeing His creation come to life through my lens. I am so thankful for this past year, I have grown so much and look forward to growth in this new year. If you aren't a fan of my blog, join today. 
Happy 2010!!!

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  1. Congrats Cindy! You have such a tallent, now more people can work with you on photo documenting their family memories. Best to you in your business!