Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Few Special Senior Portraits & Portraits

Some of my portraits and Senior pictures I have had the privilege to take;
each one is a fun memory,
capturing the personality of each person,
capturing friendships,
fun creative shots;
beautiful locations, to fit each taste;
and hobbies,
solitude and seriousness;
reflection of the years past and years to come;
down the road of life;
sweet personalities and creativity;
beauty God has given each one,
capturing love between friends;
love this shot, it turns out different on each person I do;
Pretty coloring- from black and white, sepia, antique, to my own tweeking,
artsy ones! I love,
dangerous shots!!! have to have a back up person watching:)

Here are a few pics I pulled out of my files this morning. Hope you enjoyed looking at these beautiful people. If you know any Senior looking for Senior pictures please have them call me for a fun shoot. I can get there pictures back to them in a few days!! Also family portraits, friends,self, I am offering the deal of the century right now. Perfect time of the year for shooting pictures, the backgrounds are gorgeous!! Look forward to making a fun memory with you and your friends and family,
Cindy  805-610-1214

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